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Everything You Want To Know About Tinnitus

If you have a constant ringing in your ears, you may have a hearing disorder known as tinnitus. Tinnitus is an abnormal perception of a sound which is reported by patients that is unrelated to an external source of stimulation. Unfortunately, there is no “cure” for tinnitus, but there are[…]

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Realistic Expectations When Getting Used to Hearing Aids

EXPECTATIONS: Hearing aids work very well when fit and adjusted appropriately. They amplify sound! You might find that you like one hearing aid better than the other. The left and right hearing aids will probably not fit exactly the same and they probably won’t sound exactly the same. Nonetheless, hearing[…]

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Untreated Hearing Loss

Do I really need hearing aids? Maybe I’ll wait another year or, what if I just get one aid for my worse ear, what can it hurt? Individuals commonly express many of these comments when they are diagnosed with a hearing loss. As an audiologist, my recommendations for hearing aids are more[…]

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