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Hearing Tests

Understanding what you can hear and how well you can hear is the most important part of helping you hear better.  We can test (often right away) in our office.

Come by for a test, or call us (352) 795-1775 to make an appointment.

If speaking on the phone is difficult, use our contact form.

Hearing Aid Adjustments and Service

Hearing aids can benefit from regular service.  If you can't hear as well as before, your hearing may have changed, or your hearing aid may need maintenance or adjustment.  We can work on most brands.  Come in or call to schedule a service appointment.  We'll be here for you, and help you get the best results possible.

We service VA hearing aids at no cost.  Thank you to everyone who has served our country.

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On Site Hearing Tests

We work with governments and companies to ensure that their staff have hearing services that work with regular work attendance, minimizing lost time off, and encouraging everyone to pay attention to this important aspect of health and productivity. Call us to set up an on site hearing screening at your location.

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Service is our top priority.

We understand how important hearing is, and how hearing difficulties change our lives.  That's why we are completely dedicated to making your experience with us the best that it can be, finding the right hearing aid for your physical needs and budget (if you need one), and providing expert services to maintain and update your current hearing aid - helping your get the best value from it.

The best hearing aid for you works best in the places you have difficulty hearing. Do you spend time in crowded areas?  Do you seek out live music, attend concerts or go to festivals?  By understanding your lifestyle and preferences we can better meet your needs.

We serve veterans, those who have served us.  We provide veterans with hearing tests at no cost.  

Let us show you how much we care.

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Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a hearing exam or hearing aid service!